Terms Of Use

Terms & Conditions

All permits are non-refundable. This permit is for the exclusive use of the registrant. Permits may not be altered, sold, exchanged, loaned, given away, or purchased from any agency other than the Edmonton EXPO Centre (EEC). The permit remains the property of the EEC and will be revoked if it is observed being improperly used. The parking permit is associated to the registrant’s information that has been provided to EEC at the time of purchase.

Your permit is valid only for Lot indicated. No parking privileges are extended to other parking areas at the Edmonton Expo Centre. Misuse of the permit, duplication of permits (same permit number is found on more than one vehicle at a time) or alteration of a permit (copied or deemed counterfeit), will result in the permit being automatically deemed invalid and the EEC parking department may issue a traffic ticket under the City of Edmonton By-Law #5590 and tow associated vehicles.

Management assumes no responsibility for injury, loss, fire, theft or damage to vehicle or contents while at the Edmonton Expo Centre. Vehicles must be parked properly in marked stalls only and parking in any other area not designated as a parking space (on grassed or concrete boulevard areas and medians) is strictly prohibited and subject to a traffic ticket and/or towing of your vehicle. We reserve the right at any time, or from time to time, to refuse parking in the designated lot for reasons including, but not limited to: repair or maintenance activities, construction, emergencies or events of force majeure. In appropriate cases, we will endeavor to use reasonable efforts to relocate you to another of our parking facilities for the period your parking permit allows.